Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Circles within circles within.

Why is it that life's journey always seems to run in circles?
And in my life they always seem to circle back to you...
Why is that, do you think?
You did say once that you would always be there,
that you weren't going anywhere.
Why is it that neither of us really seem able
to go anywhere, or at least nowhere too far from the other.
But I digress, for the point 
is that we always return to each other -
to do the same things, to say the same things,
occasionally going but one step further than before.
Can this be mere coincidence - 
this slow march towards a point unseen
where maybe these spiraling circles will come to an end
and we will be able to move forward together?
I know not,
for this is a question for philosophers,
for those with greater insight than mine.
For every time I think I've got my life's path figured out,
here I am again.
And there you are again.
And although I feel these happenings hold great meaning,
it could all still be wishful thinking on my part.
And yet I do know
with a great certainty
that it will all come 'round again.
This time, though, I foresee a great wait.
Perhaps longer than all those before,
mayhap one without end.
And yet there was a time when I thought to never reach this point,
a time when the pattern of our lives 
was not as clear to me,
'though long do we have 'till we can see the whole of it.
Does the pattern end? Come to some eventual fulfillment?
Or is it that we merely have this great inexplicable need for each other,
and thus we force the paths of our lives to fall into synch?
Again I say that I am no studied philosopher,
able to suss out the answers.
I do seem to be quite good at asking questions,
some more well-placed than others.
And this wait that I speak of - 
is it because as our steps become bigger,
the path traveled must become longer?
Or could it be what I dread most:
that as we each tread in our own circles and follow our own paths,
our need for each other becomes less,
and thus the circles I deem are forever intwined 
are instead moving out and away from each other?
And instead of reaching a confluence,
there comes a time where our paths
can not or will not cross again?
On nights like this I pray whole-heartedly
that this is not the truth.
For my need for you is still great,
even as yours may be lessening.
And my life does seem to come ever spiraling back to you,
whether or not we consciously make it so,
and whether or not we like it
seem to have naught to do with it.
And as for those who may walk along with us for a time,
only to be left by the wayside,
I can only say this:
that I try to walk down each path as it presents itself,
and that I try, to the best of my reckoning, 
to stick to the right one.
For what else can any of us do?
Robert Frost, a far better philosopher than I,
advises us to: 
"... take the one less traveled by...",
and yet he has nothing to say about
what's to be done when it leads you back to where you started.
And as I come full circle in these thoughts,
come back to where I started,
I guess it can all be summed up with an innocent statement
that I made, and that you gave new meaning to:
You can never know what's going to happen.

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