Monday, March 7, 2011

Suspension Bridge

We sit side by side, yet alone
within the enclaves of our minds.
The sudden eloquence of speechlessness
turns into a long dialogue of silence.
She seems so beautiful sitting there,
innocent to the barely perceptible disharmony
which spills through the room like ether,
threatening our newly constructed suspension bridge - 
our only link across this chasm of covers.
IT  was there between us,
unspeakable, unspoken.
But I knew memory would never let it go,
this endless shared secret.
Then, with the sounding of some imaginary gong
the moment ends.
Her smile returns
and her eyes dance for me once again.
I can see that the little man within her mind
has neatly filed away the memory
and I find myself desperately hoping that he,
like mine, has tagged it - 
the easier to later reenact
the wordless drama of our passion.

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