Monday, March 7, 2011


Sitting here silent,
thoughts of you play within my head
like the movies we always used to watch,
like the television shows
I'd have to drag you away from.
I watch different shows now
and you're not here
for me to share them with.
It took me a while
to grow accustomed to that.
I still turn in expectation of you 
and a certain comment
I know you'd make out of habit.
And people look at me funny
wondering what I'm looking for
and I have to explain it's a who,
not a what.
But they don't care
and no one seems to understand.
I'm not even sure
if you'd understand anymore.
You say I've changed,
but I still feel the same.
I think it's you that's changed,
you that's moved away.
My friends say that people tend to do that
in our given situation,
but that is something I cannot accept
for when have we ever done
what was expected of us
in a given situation?
I'm not even sure
of where I am right now,
of what I'm doing.
I need something to remind me
of who I was, who I am.
I need something familiar,
a home base where I can feel safe.
What I'm trying to say 
is that I still need you
despite what I've said.
So, please come back to me?
I'll be waiting
in the glow of the television
watching our favorite shows...

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